Beginner Pottery Courses & Classes

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Journey into the joyful, muddy world of ceramics and create your own pottery pieces for your home! Go deep into one of our Courses or sample a hand building or pottery wheel Class!

Beginner Pottery Courses

3 & 6 Week Beginner Pottery Wheel Course

Class Times available:
Wed (5:30 – 8pm) or Sat (9:30am – noon)
New Term Begins 10 & 17 Jan

3 & 6 Week Beginner Hand Building Pottery Course

Class Times available:
Sunday Mornings (9:30 am – noon) 
New Term Begins 14 Jan

4 Week Pottery Wheel Course, Young Adults

Class Times available:
Sunday Arvo (1-4 pm)
New Term Begins 7 Jan

Meet Your Instructors

Half Australian & half American, these mad mud throwing skills are a result of many years of practice & uni education in America. Earning his Bachelors of Fine Art in Ceramics & Design (2009), his body of work featured large water sculptures and sculptural homewares.

Since beginning Two Muddy Men/Terraform Studio with is wife, Kell Lakia, he now spends his days instructing workshops & making ceramics. A humble & warm artist, his love of ceramics/pottery, is evident in his uplifting teaching style. His wealth of knowledge and world travels, encourage diversity of thinking & outlandish ideas amongst his students.

An American, so in love with Oz (and a particular Aussie), made Mandurah her home. Kell met Isaac on their first day of sculpture class at Uni before taking pottery classes together. Her skills are a result of tireless joy practicing on the wheel & experimenting with pattern work in hand building.  

Since opening Two Muddy Men/Terraform Studio with her husband, Isaac Gould, she spends her days teaching pottery students & creating artworks. As an instructor, she enjoys helping each of her students explore their creativity and incorporating themselves into their art.

Center for Visual Arts at the University of Toledo, USA.

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