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6 Week Intermediate Pottery Wheel Course

$700 per student

afterpay payment plan avail

Make some larger & more complex pieces during this 6 Week Intermediate Pottery Wheel Course, on the Mandurah Foreshore! Class time available on Sundays (9:30am-12pm). 

1 class + 1 practice sesh, each week


Six – 2.5 hr Pottery Classes (ages 18 +) 

Seven – 2 hr. extra practice session (1 each week)

Prerequisite – must be comfortable with throwing 1 kilo cylinders. 

SUMMER SESSION – 14 Jan to 2 Mar
WEEK 1 – throwing 1kg tall cylinders
WEEK 2 – throwing 4kg platters
WEEK 3 – begin 3 lidded vessels & learn the principles of planning, duplication & production
WEEK 4 – finish lidded vessels
WEEK 5 – set of 4 mugs/teacups
*** BISQUE BREAK: 12- 24 Feb  ***
We break for 1-2 weeks to allow pieces to dry, get bisque fired & ready for glazing & underglazing in week 5 & 6 lessons. During this week you will get a BONUS session for you & a friend – for free – to show off your mad skills!
WEEK 6 – glazing

Goal of the Course – Begin to master throwing with larger scale pieces. Each week, the forms we make, increase in level of difficulty. At the end of the course, your goal is to finish 8 pieces (throw, trim, embellish, polish, bisque fire, glaze & high fire).

Learning Day
Small group of 6 students, on Sundays (9:30am-12pm).
You choose your weekly practice time.
Book your practice session anytime during normal business hours (except during workshops/private events).


Cost of Course ($700 for 13 sessions/29 course hours). The cost per course hour is $24.13.

All your clay, instruction, access to our studio for practicing, use of our tools & equipment and firing & glazing for your favourite artworks (trimmed, polished, bisque fired, glazed & high fired). 


T&C’s – Please click here, to read our T&C’s before booking your course.

Makeups – If you need to make up a class during your course, you will get to choose 1 of 3 options…

1) Makeup your lesson in another Group Class (provided there is space & the content/ages taught matches)
2) Opt for an extra Practice Session instead
3) Private/semi-private Makeup Lesson (We have discounted these Private Lessons to our Course Students. From $149 to $50. These can be booked on ANY day/time that suits you). This cost can be shared amongst more than 1 student needing to make up a lesson.

In the event you need to reschedule one or more of your classes during the duration of the course, please notify your instructor via email or the contact form on our homepage.


After the Course – Still loving it after your course?
1) Consider re-enrolling to advance your skills.
2) Use our studio casually for just $30 for 2 hours. To learn more, click here.
3) Consider joining as a member, and gain 24/7 access to our studio. To learn more, click here.
4) Consider setting up a home studio. We can help you select the tools & equipment to get started – no matter what your budget. To browse our stock online, click here.

2 reviews for 6 Week Intermediate Pottery Wheel Course

  1. Dianne (verified owner)

    I recently picked up my pieces from the intermediate wheel course and I’m blown away! Two teapots, a large platter and a couple of small vases. After just completing the beginner wheel course I really didn’t think I was ready for making teapots with lids (that fit) and working with 4kg of clay. But Isaac gave me the confidence to give it a go, and I’m so pleased I did. Thanks Isaac, Kell and the rest of the team, for your patience and making the learning environment so relaxed, fun and creative, you are all amazing. You’ve made me feel like a real part of your pottery family – thank you!

  2. Trinity

    This course was the gift I never saw coming. I was so unsure about diving into the intermediate course having finished the beginners course just a month prior (and still very hit and miss with my abilities to throw consistently).

    I’m not sure if it was the promise of being able to make my very own teapot, maybe it was the challenge of working 4kg of clay into an actual functional and potentially decorative piece… but I think it was the reassurance that having completed the beginners, I was absolutely ready to take on the challenge of the intermediate course (even if I definitely didn’t feel ready).

    I’m so glad I signed up. The anxiety I’d had in the beginners course definitely and very quickly faded into confidence. Suddenly all the tips Isaac had repeatedly been prompting previously were making sense!
    I’m hooked. If there were more intermediate level courses
    with varying focusses I would absolutely be wanting to consider them all.

    If you’ve completed the beginners course and unsure about whether or not you could manage the intermediate course… from one unsure pottery head to another… I say do it. And definitely keep up with the practise sessions.
    Isaac is there to help you throughout, so just ask for his help if and when you need it.

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