I started my ceramics journey when I fell in love with the craft on my honeymoon alongside my gorgeous wife Kristin. As much as I would’ve loved to engage in that sensual scene from ghost, we’re just way. too. competitive.

We dove straight into throwing pottery on the wheel and after our instructor had let us lose we were off! It was a race to centre, then to pull the clay, then to bring a form to life. Always looking over your shoulder to see where the other was at, clay flying and laughter resounding as we resorted to throwing slip at each other to get ahead.

It was bliss and we still have those pieces today.

It’s a natural thing to chase after memories that make us, and such the journey to find a teacher started. But where?! We called the total of two studios within an hour of us, one was completely over teaching and the other didn’t pick up…
It’s discouraging and potentially a good spot to give up, if that were who we were.

I decided to drive to the studio that didn’t pick up and found the quaintest little shed behind a home in Mandurah. As I approached the owner sticks his head out and with a smile he welcomes me and invites me in.

Murray, from Peel Pottery, is the kindest man you will ever meet. I sat and watched as he threw pieces and listened to the hum of his 40 year old Venco wheel until Murray broke the silence and exclaimed “Your turn!”

I hadn’t asked to learn, I just sat and watched, Murray just instinctively knew. I offered to pay and he took a quarter of what I offered just to honour the gesture. I was blown away by his generous spirit and kind nature that I came back most weeks to offer my help wherever I could, it was the start of something surreal…