Amidst the rhythmic clutter of a midmorning coffee rush, one Muddy Man’s laughter rings out as yet another ceramic cup hits the floor quicker than your tipsy aunt at your sister’s wedding. After a round of obligatory ‘Taxi’s’ from the staff, and a swift clean up we look down at a diminishing supply of espresso cups…

Like every great catastrophe of the 21st century you need heroes to solve problems, so two hobby ceramicists donned their aprons and formed Two Muddy Men.

Meet Isaac (Muddy Man Numero Uno), Latte Art Extraordinaire and part owner of Groundswell.
And Joshua (Muddy Man II), Wood Fire Coffee Roaster and defender of baby turtles.

Together we shared a passion to create elegant, practical and inspiring pieces from the muddy earth we share, while inspiring others to jump in and have a go!

Nestled beautifully in the gorgeous coastal town Mandurah, Groundswell Coffee celebrates the traditional Italian wood-fired roast through brilliant coffee and in house blends.