Goddess Vase



$169 per person

🕊️ Free your inner goddess ✨, through clay! Create a Goddess Vase – you choose her shape ⏳🍎🍐 & curves – as an embodiment of feminine strength & wonder. This workshop was created by local artist, Kell Lakia! Beginner-friendly – read on below!

🌸 Celebrate WA’s Portea Bloom Season! Euca Flora will be sending each of your 🏺vases home, with a Mini Protea Arrangement.


The Lesson – You choose the SHAPE- hourglass, pear or apple – and the level of CURVES – curvy, balanced, lithe. Our artisans will help you get your Goddess’ main shape using patterns, developed by Kell. We will guide you through sculpting techniques to finesse your Goddess’ final shape & curves. ​😇 

Beginner Friendly? While it is suitable for absolute beginners, please understand there will be challenging portions. We have allowed plenty of time in this workshop for our artisans to make it around to you, to overcome any skill gaps – just call us over. 😊  

Difficulty Level – 2.5 out of 5⭐


What You Get – Clay, Tools, Firing, glazing for your artwork are included. Classes are small with great student-to-teacher ratios. Complimentary mini Protea arrangement from Euca Flora at pickup.

Refreshments – We will welcome you with a delicious fresh juice or hot tea, along w. a nourishing providore style snack tray to enjoy during your experience or take with you.


Cancellations/Rescheduling – Read more about our official policy here.

Firings – This process is very delicate and takes approximately 6-8 weeks (not including the week of your workshop). Occasionally, if an artwork has to be repaired, I can be delayed by an additional two weeks as the repair process is very delicate (artworks must be slowly rehydrated, fixed, and slowly dried).

Breakge – Clay is an incredibly delicate medium. In the unfortunate case where your pottery breaks or cracks in the kiln, Terraform Studio do not offer refunds, as this is the nature of the firing process- pottery is a beautiful yet delicate process. While we take the utmost care to ensure all works are delivered in the best conditions, in the case where any ceramics break due to mishandling, you will be contacted by one of our team and a full refund of your firing fee ($25 per artwork, included in the cost of most workshops) will be offered.

Meet your Artisan

Kell Lakia

Kell earned her Bachelors of Fine Art in 2008 in the USA, with studies in Photography, Life Drawing & Pottery. Her early artworks spoke to effects of “fashionable” standards of beauty on the psyche and degradation of community spirit between women. This workshop was imagined out of a lifelong desire to help women reconnect with their own individual beauty. While sculpting the female form would normally difficult for a beginner, Kell’s expertise has always been finding ways to be more inclusive, by decomplexifing artistic processes.

Kell has been at it for weeks to simplify the body into a customisable pattern to open up this style of sculpting to beginners.

Her biggest hope for this workshop is for each participant to feel a sense of awe in their own beauty & creativity. To feel supported in a community of women. To honour the silent stories of our bodies. To create an embodiement of the protection, we feel for our inner child. To allow this vase to be a sort of physical symbol to remind us to always be bold, beautiful & full of wonder.



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