Complete Pottery Firing Service


Glaze fire your artworks in Mandurah, at Terraform Studio – home to Two Muddy Men.

flat price per artwork

Don’t have the know-how or equipment to cement your artworks into object permanence? No problem – make use of this comprehensive service!

Step 1 – select the number of pieces you would like to fire to your cart!

Step 2 – upload a photo to your cart of your artwork(s).

Step 3 – bring in your dried artworks into our Studio (make sure to cushion them well for transport!)

Step 4 – Confirm your glaze colours in studio.

Step 5 – wait for the confirmation text to come pick up or email us for a shipping quote! (4-8 week turnaround from the date of dropoff).

Step 6 – Enjoy your artworks! They have now one of the most durable forms of pottery – food, dishwasher & microwave safe! So long as you don’t drop it – it will likely outlast you!

You must know exactly the clay you are using. Not all clays are safe for all temperatures, and firing it not to the correct temperature can produce catastrophic damage to neighboring pieces & our kilns. If you do not know, we cannot fire your pieces. Please contact us if you are not sure, prior to booking your firing. 

Please note that we fire to cone 9 (1280*C) oxidization. Glazing is a chemical process, results can be anticipated, it is not a tried & true process. We do not offer refunds for glazes not turning out as you anticipate, as results can vary based from shelf to shelf & kiln to kiln (ex. our front loader has a few shelves that produce more reduction style results). If an error in the firing occurs, you will be contacted by one of our team for a refund.

CRACKS & BREAKS: In the unfortunate case where your pottery breaks or cracks in the kiln, Terraform Studio/Two Muddy Men do not offer refunds, as this is the nature of the firing process & learning the medium as a beginner- pottery is a beautiful yet delicate process. While we take the utmost care to ensure all works are delivered in the best conditions, in the case were any ceramics breaks due to mishandling, you will be contacted by one of our team for a refund.