Hand Building Pottery Session

‘Clay Makers Circle’ Casual Session

$30 per person

2 hrs – you, some clay & your bare hands.

These Hand Building Sessions are set up as independent practice to sharpen your skills & make your art.

looking to book the wheel instead? Click here!

To book into our studio independently, you must be a member of our TMM Makers Circle - FREE for potters of a beginners level & higher! Signup online, by clicking here or login.

Clay – is not included and is avail at $3 per kilo. Outside clay bodies may be used for hand bulding only. Due to our clay recycling process, your brand & type of clay must be submitted via email & approved by the studio staff before use.

1-on-1 Instruction – available as an optional add on (1/2hr or 1hr)  & must be prebooked.

Firing & Glazing – If you make any extra pieces you want to eternalise in the flames of our kiln, we offer a finishing service for $25 per piece (paid on the day). This includes trimming, 2 firings (bisque 1000C, glaze fire 1280C), and glazing. These three things makes your pieces completely food, dishwasher & microwave safe and built to last for generations to come. From start to end, this entire process does take 6-8 weeks, and appreciate your patience while we work hard to turnaround your artworks. This finishing service – $25 per piece – is explained more here.

Cancellations/Rescheduling – Read more about our official policy here.