Recycled Clay, White Stoneware


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by: Terraform Studio Recycled Clay
White Stoneware, per kilo

The pursuit of pottery is the pursuit of progress, not perfection. As every potter practices new shapes & techniques, a collection of resuable clay emerges. While recycled clay is a labour of love – rehydrate, mix into a homogenous body, dry on plaster & repug – we go through the effort to ensure this artform remains sustainable. Our Recycled White Stoneware is a mixture of white stonewares we use in the Terraform Studio. Great for practicing and creating beautiful artworks of a sustainable nature. Consistently stoneware, of multiple origins, that still suits most standard stoneware glazes.

Raw Clay Color: light grey
Bisque Clay Color: white
Ox ^10 Clay Color: white
Re ^10 Clay Color: light grey-white

Bisque Shrinkage 3.5%
Stoneware shrinkage 11.5%


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