The Glaze Book


Written by: Stephen Murfitt

This book, more lovingly referred to around the studio as ‘The Glaze Bible’, is an incredible glazing resource. Sorted by colour & temperature – it offers both oxidation & reduction glaze recipes – it also states whether each recipe is food safe/decorative only. You’ll find this text on the resource shelf of most Mid-fire & Stoneware potters, as a nicely printed encyclopedia of tried & true recipes. While there is little information on developing your own glazes, it shines as a recipe book for anyone looking to hit the ground running with their own glazes. Spiral bound with a hardcover – this book is built for decades of wear.

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From the Publisher:
Packed with information and glaze recipes, The Glaze Book will enable you to reference hundreds of ceramic surfaces. Each glaze recipe is clearly illustrated so you can see the colour and surface responses it has to offer, and features a description including its firing range, and the uses to which it can be put. The Glaze Book provides easily accessible help on methods and techniques, raw materials, glazing tools and equipment, mixing a glaze, methods of application, glaze recipes for earthenware, stoneware and porcelain.