Pottery Project Planner Workbook


The shortfall of every artist – no matter the medium – is record keeping. We find bits of A4 paper, the back of an envelope – to record our ideas. Often this could-be masterpieces never happen, simply because they disappear. The inside of this book has been lovingly organised to help you record easier & more beautifully.

Giving as a gift? Tuck a gift voucher inside & give a little inspiration for your special occasion.

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From a fellow artist:
We all know the moment of blame & fear. When your artist/loved one/friend/ looks at you, glaring like smeagol, over their precious hoard of paper scraps. The accusing glances, as they count their precious ideas. Somehow pinpointing the exact crumpled receipt you may/may not have thrown away earlier that week. Exactly how were you to know that one had been bedazzled with scribbles of their latest, greatest idea? When they ask – ‘where did that crumpled receipt go’ – you can only defensively reply ‘which one’. Help your creative friend – or yourself – keep their ideas safe & stop the blame game. Get them this book. Then invent a digitising software for said scribble scraps.