Creative Pottery: Innovative Techniques and Experimental Designs in Thrown and Handbuilt Ceramics


Written by: Deb Schwartskopf

Hand building is often overshadowed by the allure of the pottery wheel, and is one of the reasons we are so passionate about carrying instruction pottery books like this. While hand building is the most ancient practices of pottery, Deb Schwartskopf shows us how to make it modern. While many patterns are supplied (to create what you see in the book), it is the author/artist’s to take you on her artistsic journey with her, that we find so inspirational about this text. This book is set up well for someone who has had a tiny taste of the basics and is ready – for a step by step, beautifully illustratedguide – to take a deep dive.

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From the Publisher:
With Creative Pottery, master new techniques as you learn how to make innovative functional forms, from teapots and juicers to serving trays and cake-stands. Hand-builders and wheel-throwers welcome!

Take your work to the next level! Join ceramic artist Deb Schwartzkopf for a journey that will help you grow as a functional potter, whether your background is in wheel-throwing or hand-building. Creative Pottery begins with a quick review of where you are in your own journey as a potter. If you need to brush up on the basics, help setting goals, or pointers on how to translate your inspiration into your work, you’ve come to the right place. The rest of the book is a self-guided journey in which you can choose the techniques and projects that interest you:

Go beyond the basics and learn how to throw or hand-build a bottomless cylinder. Then explore seams and alterations for projects like a vase, sauce boats, dessert boats, and a citrus juicer
‘Flatter Forms’ takes your throwing and trimming horizontal. Make beautiful plates and learn how to make the jump from plate to cake stand.

Master molds and use them to open a new world of possibilities. Make spoons, platters, and asymmetrical shapes like an out-of-round serving dish with molded feet and a thrown rim.

Compose with multiple shapes to make two-part forms like a butter dish or a stacking set of bowls. Make a pitcher out of two simple forms and then take it further by exploring handles and spouts for a proper teapot.

With compelling galleries, artist features, and guided questions for growth throughout, this is a book for potters everywhere that want to go beyond the basics, learn new skills, and unlock their creativity.