Amazing Glaze Recipes and Combinations


Written by: Gabriel Kline

Ready to expand past the premixed world of Mayco, Amaco, etc? Take a deeper dive into glazing (low-fire, mid-fire & stoneware) in this approachable guide to glazing & mixing glaze tests. Learn the fundamentals & explore some authored glaze recipes. This step by step guide is well documented (both in practice & oxidation glaze recipes), making it a great book for those looking to get started in glazing in an electric kiln.

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From the Publisher:
Amazing Glaze Recipes and Combinations includes hundreds of recipes and combinations for every temperature range, all rigorously tested and technically edited.

Get inspired and get glazing! Amazing Glaze Recipes and Combinations provides a captivating collection of sure-fire glaze recipes and electrifying combinations for low-fire, mid-range, and high-fire potters.

Hundreds of photos and technically-edited recipes ensure you’ll get the best possible results. Whether you’re searching for excitement at cone 6 or looking for the perfect high-fire shino recipe, you’ve come to the right place. Join Gabriel Kline, author of Amazing Glaze and founder of Odyssey Clayworks, for page after color-filled page of glazes. Start by learning the keys to success when applying glazes, then choose the temperature range you want to explore first. Gabriel’s collection of well-tested recipes draw on his decades of experience as an instructor and leader of a communal arts studio-including current and past student favorites as well as a few timeless gems.

Of course he doesn’t stop there! In addition to plentiful tiles showing off two-glaze combinations, Gabriel shares multi-glaze combinations developed through years of trial and error. From waterfall blues to eye-popping bursts of red, theres a rainbow of options. Just as in Amazing Glaze, the recipes have all been technically edited and each one has a photo. By controlling specific gravity and application, the goal is always getting the perfect coat of glaze recipe after recipe. Special topics like majolica and raku firing provide welcome detours, and a variety of artist features serve as launching points for new explorations. Stunning galleries from todays top artists provide even more glazing ideas.