Kissy Cups & Mugs, limited ed.

small $75 
medium $85
large $95

+ $20 – for a custom cup/mug

Say ‘hello’ to Kell & Emma’s ‘Kissy Cups/Mugs’. We were def channeling a little bif of our inner Barbie girl on these ones.

These lips were inspired by our all time FAVOURITE donut spot in town – Sugar Lips Donut Co. We made these mugs as a little love letter of sorts – sealed with a kissy cup! We have received so many love letters about these Kissy Cups/Mugs, we have decided to made a limited edition preorder run of them – only 20 available!

the deets

Step 1) Choose from one of Kell’s 3 exciting glaze styles – Suzie Qute (blue with pink lips), Georgy Girl (groovy 70’s tones) & Señorita Marilyn (firey red, bronze & natural tones).

Step 2) Pick your size – Suzie Qute (blue with pink lips), Georgy Girl (groovy 70’s tones) & Señorita Marilyn (firey red, bronze & natural tones)– simply choose the size you would like! 

Step 3) Decide on the handle & lips – These cups come standard with the lips spouted (you can actually drink from them) and the handle placed to the left of the lips (so drinking from the lips is optional for right-handed people). You can customise this at checkout!

Want to make it custom? You can! For a measly $20 bucks we make a custom kissy cup for you. You want a different earring (instead of a donut) – no problem! You want your own swanky glaze combos – no worries! You want to us to sculpt a particular set of lips (your own?) – no problem! Lets make one just for you! 

We will be handcrafting each one to order, so please allow 6-10 weeks for completion. These are a unique handcrafted product, some variation is expected between each mug, as each are individually made in small batches by artist – Kell. In the instance that sets are ordered, while we are able to provide very skilled matches, we encourage patrons to think of them as a set of sisters vs. identical twins. Kell will individually throw, sculpt, bisque fire, paint & dip in glaze, and glaze fire it in our kilns to 1280*c.

Barbie Mug Lip Mug Kiss Mug