Workshop Firings

* Experienced ceramicists can access our public firing here.


So you have come to a session, made some winners.
The firing fee of $25 per piece covers the trimming/finishing process, glazing of your works and 2 kiln firings.

You may choose one of our 6 stunning glazes (food, dishwasher & microwave safe).

***many of our workshops include your first/favourite piece finished for free. Please check the workshop booking page to find out!***

At TMM, we believe in slow, responsible living that doesn’t contribute to life’s landfill. While you are learning you will make LOTS of pieces – yet they will not all be winners. So we developed this service, to turn the muddy pieces you really love & cherish into permanent functional artworks. 


Clay is an incredibly delicate medium. In the unfortunate case where your pottery breaks or cracks in the kiln, Two Muddy Men do not offer refunds, as this is the nature of the firing process- pottery is a beautiful yet delicate process. While we take the utmost care to ensure all works are delivered in the best conditions, in the case were any ceramics break due to mishandling, you will be contacted by one of our team and a full refund of your firing fee will be offered.

Artwork Collection

If you attended one of the following workshops or classes your item(s) are ready to be collected during our normal business hours.

all work made up to 15 June

all work made up to 15 June

all work made up to 15 June

1-on-1 & THROW DOWNS
all work made up to 15 June



Wed to Sat
10 am – 7:30pm

These hours can change – please check them prior to visiting the studio. If you are unable to make it during these hours please contact us to arrange an alternative time or arrange the shipment of your artworks.

 Please note that due to space we can only hold your work for 4 months after the workshop after which we’ll assume you don’t want your items and donate all suitable pots to charity.


December Classes: Donated

January Classes: July 2023

February Classes: August 2023

March Classes: Sept 2023

April Classes: October 2023

May Classes: November 2023

Did you have a class in or before Dec 2022? The deadline for pickup has since passed, and your work has been donated.