Pottery Wheel Workshop

$129 per adult
for parties of 4 – 8

Groups of 6 or more save $20 per person! This Private Pottery Wheel Workshop experience is a great way for beginners to get together to learn the basics of wheel throwing. Reserve our entire wheel table for your group at our studio.

Our calendar shows availability from 14 days to 3 months, from today. For last minute booking availability, please email us.

2 Hour Private Wheel Throwing Pottery Workshop
Adults only (12 years + as participants need to be tall enough to reach the foot pedal)

Class Structure
15 min demo
90 mins on the wheel
15 min cleanup & organising of pieces

Includes – Each person will experience 90 mins on the wheel.

Firing & Glazing – If you make any extra pieces you want to eternalise in the flames of our kiln, we offer a finishing service for $25 per piece (paid on the day). This includes trimming, 2 firings (bisque 1000C, glaze fire 1280C), and glazing. These three things makes your pieces completely food, dishwasher & microwave safe and built to last for generations to come. From start to end, this entire process does take 6-8 weeks, and appreciate your patience while we work hard to turnaround your artworks. This finishing service – $25 per piece – is explained more here.

Cancellations/Rescheduling – Read more about our official policy here.


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