Paint your Pottery

Underglazing Session

$15 per palette

Get ready to add some colour to your artwork with our NEW ‘Ceramic Paints’! We have 11 colours to choose from & growing!

Is My Artwork Eligable for this Mini-Session?!

  • You must have opted to paint your piece at your workshop (this $15 fee is never paid on the day).

  • You must upload a photo from your workshop experience showing your piece at checkout. 

What You Get – Enjoy 1 hour of studio time to paint at your leisure. For just $15 per palette, we will portion 4 colours of your choosing (~3ml of each colour) into your pallete! These fancy dancy ‘paints’ are actually professional grade underglazes that can survive our toasty kiln fire temps of 1280*C.

Once painted, please allow an additional 2 weeks for your artwork to be glazed in clear & glaze fired. You will receive a pickup text when it ready to come pick up!